Best Jamaican Food in Miami

Best Jamaican Food in Miami

October 29, 201850Views

When you think of eating in Miami, we’ll bet the first thing that comes to mind is fresh seafood. And followed by that? Probably Cuban food. While those types of cuisine are certainly available and highly favored, we don’t want you to limit yourself. Miami is a melting pot of culture, and Caribbean culture in particular is one to respect as well. The music, the laid back atmosphere, the integrity and grit of the people – it’s all worth admiring.

And please, whatever you do, don’t forget about the food…the glorious, glorious food. Whether Jamaican food is actually your favorite or you’ve never had it before but want to try your hand, this one’s just for you.

Here’s our list of some of the best Jamaican food in Miami. Crowning the best jerk chicken of all, however, is entirely on you.

Clive’s Café – 5890 NW 2nd Avenue

Clive’s Café is in the heart of Little Haiti, and not only do they have a great menu with mouth-watering dishes, but they also have events every week for guests. They have special nights featuring things like open-mic poetry, live art and music, vendors on site and even special giveaways. They’re open until 9pm, so grab your bestie and enjoy good food and good entertainment at the same time.

Naomi’s Garden Restaurant & Lounge – 650 NW 71st Street

Naomi’s started humbly as a wholesale food company and provided healthy options for health-based grocers like Whole Foods and Natural Food Market. Soon, neighboring businesses noticed they were preparing quality food but weren’t selling directly to the public. They were asked to open up shop, even if only for lunch, and the rest is history. Founders Yaron and Shula turned the wholesale company into a thriving restaurant and Miami staple, complete with live music and garden-style seating.

Jamrock Cuisine – 12560 SW 88th Street

Jamrock Cuisine is a local establishment that offers simple bites with a Caribbean and Asian twist. It’s a casual environment, and everything is listed at super affordable prices. It’s perfect regardless of if you need to quickly grab lunch or would rather sit inside and take your time. Try the flaky, stuffed beef patties to start and the curry goat for your meal. You won’t be disappointed.

Choka’s Caribbean Restaurant & Lounge – 710 Washington Avenue

Choka’s is perfect if you want to enjoy some quality Jamaican eats but can do without the super casual vibe. Since it’s both a restaurant and lounge, you can have a nice date night while also filling up on quality eats like plantains and rice and peas. If that doesn’t work, they also offer dishes like gourmet burgers and perfectly spiced jerk chicken. It’s located off Washington Avenue, which is near our Miami Beach hotel, so if you want to drop your things off then end the night with a romantic stroll along the beach, that’s totally doable.

Happy Eating, Miami!

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