Best Yoga in Miami

Best Yoga in Miami

July 16, 2018129Views

The benefits of yoga far outweigh simply getting a good stretch. It helps with flexibility and strength. It gives you more balance and endurance for other activities. Psychologically, it helps you tap into your inner self by developing a sense of calm and ease. It teaches mindfulness, which ultimately influences every other area in your life.

Any practicing yogi will confirm this, yet there are still so many people who don’t take the form of exercise seriously. Well, Miami, here’s your chance to start. Yoga can upgrade your life in more ways than one, and there are studios all over the city for you to take advantage.

Because we care, we’ve even done the legwork for you. Get out there, and cultivate healthy habits, people! Here’s some of the best yoga in Miami.

Yoga House Miami – 2050 Coral Way Suite 602

Yoga House Miami has been voted Best Yoga Studio for good reason. It’s run by Will and Mary Margaret Thomas who both believe in the power of yoga and practice what they teach. They offer a variety of classes including hot pilates, which is designed to burn fat and strengthen your muscles.

Inhale Miami – 6310 NE 2nd Avenue

Inhale Miami provides an experience. They offer yoga classes, meditation and even retreat experiences designed to encourage healthy living. Inhale Yoga is their introductory yoga class and teaches the fundamentals like posing, awareness and breath work. It’s perfect for people just starting on their yoga journeys or anyone recovering from an injury. A single class costs $20 and a 10-class pass will cost $159.

Glow Hot Yoga – 1560 Lenox Avenue

If you like a good sweat and detox, Glow Hot Yoga is the studio for you. Their classes are set to a toasty temperature of 105 degrees, which allows your body to open up for better flexibility and movement. Their candle lit yin yoga is designed to offset the challenges of the yang style of yoga like Bikram. You hold very simple poses for extended amounts of time in order to release, relax and “know yourself on a deeper level.”

Yoga at Bayfront Park

If you want to introduce yourself to the practice without paying the price, try a free class at Bayfront Park. The classes are free or by donation nearly every day at 6pm. You can immerse yourself in a great class with even greater views of downtown Miami. Note: Make sure to get there early because you will be sharing space with other Miamians taking advantage of this awesome deal.

We want you to be happy, Miami, but more importantly, we want you to be healthy!

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