Best Miami Museums

Best Miami Museums

March 14, 2018259Views

It’s practically Spring in Miami, and with Spring comes new activities. Whether you want to get out and go on exciting dates, explore the city by yourself or take the little ones out to see new places, Spring is the perfect time to seek out those new adventures.

So what’s better than an adventure that allows you to grow, to learn and to elevate yourself in the process?

Not much.

Spending time at a museum is at an-home adventure worth having, and Miami is full of awe-inspiring museums.

Here are some of the best:

For The Kids!

Miami Children’s Museum – 980 MacArthur Causeway

The Miami Children’s Museum is dedicated to “fostering a love of learning through play and enabling children to realize their highest potential.” Some of the many exhibits include the Castle of Dreams, the Health and Wellness Center, the Sketch Aquarium and the Bank exhibit, which teaches older children financial literacy and younger children number recognition and simple math! 

For The Art!

Perez Art Museum Miami – 1103 Biscayne Blvd.

The Perez Art Museum, located near our downtown Miami hotel, is committed to highlighting the city’s diversity and inclusion through modern art. The museum was the first-ever contemporary museum built in the city, and like the people it represents, it’s only grown and developed since its 1984 beginnings. Some of the past exhibitions include “Spots, Dots, Pips, Tiles: An Exhibition About Dominos” and Youssef Nabil’s “I Saved My Belly Dancer,” which is a film featuring Salma Hayek and Tahar Rahim.

For The History!

History Miami Museum – 101 West Flager Street

Sure, you live here, but do you really know the story behind Miami? If not, this is the perfect opportunity for you. History Miami is part of the Smithsonian and is dedicated to preserving and celebrating the city’s history while also shaping its future. One of their current exhibitions, “Avenues of Expression: Street Traditions in Miami,” gives you an inside look at street art, public vendors, parades and more – all of which play a huge part in Miami’s rich narrative.

Go out and learn, Miami. The experience will pay off tenfold.


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