Best Miami Seafood

Best Miami Seafood

Fresh seafood and Florida living go hand in hand right? Well, if that’s true, fresh seafood and Miami living are a match made in culinary heaven. Think about it. We’re surrounded by water, which means we’re surrounded by the freshest, most natural seafood there is. And with all the award-winning chefs who call the city home, we’re also surrounded by people who know how to prepare it.

Miamians, once again, you’re in luck by default, so please take advantage! Whether you want something fancy and dazzling or a simple place with simple food, there’s a place out there calling your name.

Behold: the best seafood in Miami.

Casablanca Seafood Bar & Grill – 404 North River Drive

If you want a quality seafood dining experience, Casablanca is it. The food is literally delivered every day through Casablanca’s commercial fishing boats, so there’s no need to worry about freshness or how the food is sourced. The restaurant sits on the Miami River, and you can even pull up in your own boat and dock for free while you dine. The people at Casablanca have thought of everything – all for your pleasure and convenience!

Joe’s Stone Crab – 11 Washington Avenue

Joe’s Stone Crab is about as famous as South Beach itself. What started as a humble establishment that served fish sandwiches in the early 1900s eventually turned into the prominent South Beach restaurant it is today. Anybody who’s anybody has eaten at Joe’s, and it’s probably because the food, even more than the restaurant’s celebrity-like appeal, has always been really good. Their menu has everything from crab (duh!) to fish, lobster, steak and even lamb.

Catch of the Day – 1050 NW Le Jeune Road

Catch of the Day is perfect if you want a casual, yet nice evening out. You don’t have to worry about breaking out your Sunday’s best or wearing the perfect outfit. All you have to do is show up ready to eat and ready to have a familial, mom-and-pop dining experience. Bonus: they offer specials like happy hour every day from 3-7pm, and you can get all you can eat crabs every Monday – Thursday.

A Fish Called Avalon – 700 Ocean Drive

If the name alone doesn’t get you, the atmosphere surely will. A Fish Called Avalon sits right on the Miami Beach strip, so you can eat, drink, and mingle with those crazy tourists all at the same time. Choose something delicious from their signature drink menu and make the evening even more fun. They have options like the Lollipop Mojito, the Lavender Margarita and the aptly named Sunrise on Ocean Drive, which has rum, orange, lime, pineapple, grenadine and fresh ginger puree.

The River Oyster Bar – 650 South Miami Avenue

Chef David Bracha believes wholeheartedly in providing only fresh, locally sourced seafood to his patrons. The River Oyster Bar features a menu where everything is clean, everything is made from scratch and everything not only tastes good, but is good for you. The point is, if you care about supporting local farmers in the city, this is the restaurant for you. They offer classic seafood dishes as well as an extensive wine and cocktail list.

Happy eating, Miami!


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