Best (Non-SoBe) Beaches in Miami

Best (Non-SoBe) Beaches in Miami

We can all agree that South Beach is amazing. From the restaurants to the bars to the boutiques that are all mere steps away, there’s a reason the city brings in millions of tourists every year. To put it plainly, people really enjoy vacationing in Miami, and they really enjoy the glitz and glamour of South Beach.

But, you guys, there’s more to the city than that. Would you believe that there are several other worthy beaches you can take advantage of? It’s true. You can still get your fix and everything you need without bumping into tourists or forcing your share of sand.

Here are the best beaches and the best attractions in Miami aside from South Beach.

North Miami Beach

If you go far enough North on Miami Beach, you’re bound to run into a local sweet spot. There’s open water, abundant sunshine and more sand than you can deal with. Sure, you may not have trendy restaurants in every immediate direction, but you have peace and quiet that SoBe rarely offers. North Miami Beach is perfect if you don’t mind trading excitement and frenzy for rest and relaxation.

 Virginia Key Park

Want to have a picnic at the beach or birthday party or class reunion? Virginia Key is perfect! This not-so-hidden gem comes standard with clear water and warm sand but also picnic benches, shade and umbrellas for your convenience. You can also stop by the nearby outdoor center to rent kayaks, bikes and more. Virginia Key is perfect for hassle-free activity.

Hobie Beach

Hobie Beach is the place to go if your beach trip is more for your dog than you. This family-friendly, dog-friendly beach is a Miami favorite, and both you and your pup can take advantage. There are sweet treats, sweet views and sweet rentals available. Grab your leash (or not) and let your four-legged family member have the best day of their life. Expect plenty of doggy kisses and wagging tails.

Haulover Beach

Haulover Beach, which is near Miami’s sophisticated Bal Halbour, is only for the bold and daring. Visit Haulover if you want to work on a natural, full-body tan and not worry about being reprimanded. Bring your significant other and reach a new level of intimacy while you sunbathe together in the nude. And if you’re not completely comfortable with being naked, you can lounge in the northern area of the beach, which is mainly only topless. But be mindful when you go, Miami. The objective is to be free and relaxed, not creepy.

Crandon Park

If you’re a native of Miami, there’s a really good chance you’re already aware of Crandon Park. It’s a family favorite simply because it’s so encompassing. There’s a beach to enjoy. There’s open space for volleyball or football or whatever physical activity you want to partake in. There’s picnic areas, cabanas and kayaks for rent, a golf course and even the Crandon Park Tennis Center, which hosts the Miami Open. Bring yourself. Bring the crew. You can do it all at Crandon.

Get out there and explore the city. If you want to tan in the nude, visit Haulover. If you want to take your dog for a day out, visit Hobie. If you want to have a beach day without the commotion and chaos, drive up to North Miami Beach.

The choice is yours, Miami!

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