Get a Free(!) City Tour

Get a Free(!) City Tour

January 29, 2018411Views

Booking a room with the Hilton Garden Inn Miami Beach gives you so much more than an accommodating night stay. Sure, your comfort and your convenience is priority and always comes standard, but sometimes you need a little more from your choice of hotel. You need something special…something that allows you to sleep peacefully but also enjoy the town if needed. Well, travelers and locals alike, we have the perfect package for you.

Book a stay today at the Hilton Garden Inn Miami Beach and take full advantage of a Miami hotel deal you can’t afford to pass up. Not only will you get a satisfying and comfortable stay, but you’ll also get a completely free tour of the city for two! Grab your bestie, your significant other or even your family member, and see what Miami is really about – all expense free!

With Big Bus Miami, you can board a multi-level bus and see the best attractions around. From the ever-changing Wynwood neighborhood to downtown Miami to South Beach and more, the views are endless! Plus, there’s a live tour guide on the ride with you, so those burning questions you have don’t have to stay inside. Ask away!

Best of all, however, is that you can hop on and off the bus whenever you choose. That pizza spot on the corner begging you to stop by? Hop off! See some amazing artwork that you absolutely must photograph? Hop off! Get tired of walking and want to ride your way back to our hotel? Hop back on! It’s as simple as that.

And once you’ve gotten your fill of the city and explored all you can, we have a plush, warm, inviting suite waiting for you.

Book with us and experience more.

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