Splurge-Worthy Dates in Miami

Splurge-Worthy Dates in Miami

January 15, 2018385Views2Comments

We don’t have to remind you of what’s rapidly approaching. Just like we don’t have to remind you of how your boo feigned excitement last year and you saw right through it. Look, it’s a new year, and with that comes new opportunities to make things right. This Valentine’s Day, GO. ALL. OUT. Do some digging, figure out your significant other’s love language, and show them how much they mean to you.

To put things simply, we want you to win this year, so here are some amazing, thoughtful, splurge-worthy dates to consider…way better than a last-minute reservation and rushed gift.

Take them to a high-end restaurant

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with saving money, but there’s also nothing wrong with splurging when the moment calls for it, and friends, this day of love absolutely calls for it. Prime 112, located at 112 Ocean Drive, is a favorite for locals and celebrities alike. Their vision is to offer traditional steakhouse staples but include a special twist. Take their lobster bisque, for example: it comes spiked with dry sack sherry, and their tomato basil soup comes with mini fontina grilled cheese sandwiches. Plus, their side items are called Accessories, which is just awesome. Treat your Valentine to a dinner that’s not only upscale but satisfying too.

Take them to the spa

There’s a reason spa reservations fill up every February. We’re a nation of over workers, non-stoppers and go-getters, and generally that’s a good thing, but sometimes you have to relax. Treat your Valentine to more than a half-hearted backrub this year. Treat him or her to an experience. Take them to The Standard Spa, located at 40 Island Avenue on Miami Beach, and let them have a day they’ll never forget. Whether they want to zone out (yet also zone in) with waterfront yoga, take an infused bath or get pampered with mani and pedis, there’s ways to relax at The Standard. There are also options to get a quality rub down with their lavish exfoliation services, herbal-infused massages and even facial services that “refresh, revitalize and brighten your complexion.” Your loved one will be smiling from the inside out after this spa day.

Book an accommodating hotel stay

So, what if your Valentine just wants to lounge around this year? Sure, gifts are always appreciated, but even better than that sometimes is an opportunity to simply do nothing – especially for those who work hard. There’s no hassle over cooking or cleaning or picking out the perfect date night outfit. In fact, there’s no hassle at all with the Hilton Garden Inn South Beach. Book a suite at our South Beach hotel, and let us do all the work for you. Be selfish and worry not about roommate troubles. Instead order room service and allow crumbs to fall in bed. Catch up on your favorite shows with our free premium cable and WiFi. And best of all, if and only if you get the itch to get out, the excitement and glory of the beach is just steps away.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Miami. In the name of love, we hope it’s a good one!


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