The Best Cupcakes in Miami

The Best Cupcakes in Miami

October 16, 2017464Views

Miami is one the leading and most popular cities for lots of reasons. Most obviously is the weather. It’s warm, it’s sunny, and you don’t have to worry about an outrageous heating bill. We have some of the best opportunities for young people starting their careers. And with it being the cultural melting pot it is, we also have some of the best, most authentic food in the country.

That food doesn’t exclude sweets, and it definitely doesn’t exclude the sweet treat we all love: cupcakes!

Here’s our list of some of the best spots in town to find that perfectly crafted, moist, melt-in-your-mouth cake.

LA Sweetz

12544 Kendall Drive

LA Sweetz is the baby of baker and businesswoman Letty Alvarez. She opened her first restaurant in the middle of a recession, but her sheer focus and determination led to her quickly becoming a Miami favorite. She makes more than 30 different cupcake flavors each day, so patrons get only the freshest and tastiest treats. Try the Sweet Potato Cupcake with marshmallow frosting.

Tiny Delights

12847 SW 42nd Street

With Tiny Delights, you won’t have to split your cupcake in half or scrape off the icing to feel better about your snack choice. With their perfect, bite-sized cupcakes on the menu, you can enjoy every morsel without the guilt. And if you don’t care about that and want a regular-sized cupcake because you’re an adult and make your own decisions, they have those too. The choice is yours at Tiny Delights. Try the S’mores cupcake with real marshmallow and graham crackers on top.

Nothing Bundt Cakes

12030 SW 88th Street

So Nothing Bundt Cakes technically makes (you guessed it!) bundt cakes, but they come in adorable and delicious miniature sizes, and cake is cake, right? Nothing Bundt Cakes is all over the country for good reason. You can order everything from a tiered cake to their bite-sized bundtinis. Try the white chocolate raspberry, which has real raspberry puree baked into a moist, white chocolate cake.

Bunnie Cakes

2322 NE 2nd Avenue

Bunnie Cakes was founded after Mariana Cortez couldn’t find a bakery that catered to her son’s food intolerances. Being vegan herself and having kids with dairy allergies, she wanted to create a company that was inclusive of diet restrictions. All of her cakes are completely organic, vegan, and gluten-free. Try the Dulce No Leche cupcake, which is vanilla cake filled with coconut milk caramel and topped with vanilla frosting.

Buttercream Cupcakes

1411 Sunset Drive

Buttercream Cupakes sits in the heart of Coral Gables and was created for guests to have a friendly and inviting atmosphere to enjoy cupcakes and coffee. There are different cupcakes available each day, so you can get a new experience each time you visit. If you’re into coffee, come on Tuesdays and try their special Latte cupake, which is only available one day of the week.

These bakeries have something for every type of sweet tooth, and our downtown Miami hotel is the perfect pairing. We offer accommodating suites and premium Internet and TV. You can enjoy your favorite cupcake and your favorite show without those distracting roomies.

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