Eat Big During Miami Spice Month

Eat Big During Miami Spice Month

July 12, 2017716Views4Comments

Let’s be honest, Miami. There’s a lot of restaurants in the city, and we’re sure you have your favorites – the ones where they know you by name and you’ve worked hard to perfect your go-to meal, and that’s fine…except during Miami Spice Month.

Look, you have to eat at least three times per day, right? Why not get out of your comfy little zone and try something new? I mean, even if it’s only for dinner…you owe it to yourself!

Here’s the gist of Miami Spice Month, and how you can completely and deliciously take advantage:

From August 1st to September 30th, participating restaurants all over the city will open their doors with a deeply discounted menu for guests. You can enjoy three-course meals prepared by respected and awarded chefs for a fraction of the usual costs. For lunch or brunch, you can eat for $23, and $39 will get you a complete dinner.

Now, we know this seems too good to be true, but it’s real, Miami, and it’s happening soon! Just be sure to check the restaurant’s site for participating days and to make a reservation. Guys, it’s Miami Spice Month, so please make the reservation!

And while you’re at it, be sure to make a reservation at Hotel Urbano at Brickell too. Our downtown Miami hotel is near the best attractions in the city, and we have just what you’ll need after rightfully stuffing yourself!

Imagine having the last bite of your meal, feeling that glorious, satisfied feeling and then plopping down on a plush, relaxing bed. That type of uninterrupted comfort and peace is exactly what we provide and exactly what you’ll need. Trust us.

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