Must Visit Pools in Miami

Must Visit Pools in Miami

July 10, 2017554Views

We can all agree that it’s hot in Miami, right? And there’s not much better on a hot, sweaty Miami day than cannonballing into a refreshing pool. We understand! And because we understand, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best and splashiest pools in the city.

All for you.

First up, the Venetian Pool!

Probably the most appealing and definitely the most historic is the Venetian Pool in Coral Gables. This pool was created back in 1923 and is filled with spring water that’s pumped from an underground filter. There are some rules to be aware of before diving in, so please check the pool’s site beforehand!

McDonald Water Park

So this one is more of an adventure park than a public pool, but you get the idea! You and the kids can experience the thrills and fun of the waterslides or you can take it easy and float around all day on the lazy river.

Flamingo Park Pool

This pool is for everyone. If you’re a competitive swimmer, and you need to get those laps in and recorded, this is the pool for you. Contrarily, if you like to back float and doggy paddle all day at the pool, there’s opportunity for that too! There’s 8 separate lanes to choose from plus a soccer field and playground!


Freehand is technically a hostel, but their swimming pool is completely free! They have a restaurant on site, a convenient pool menu and entertainment surrounding the area. They even display local artwork from South Beach artists on their walls. Not only can you get a good swimming session in, but you can immerse yourself in culture while doing it.

And lastly, the pool at Hotel Urbano at Brickell

Our affordable Brickell hotel comes standard with lots of convenient amenities including access to our top rated pool. Our outdoor pool comes complete with trendy overhead cabanas, a cascading water fountain and a nearby bar that’s always stocked full of refreshing drinks.

Happy Swimming, Miami!

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