Zoo Miami Is Not Just For Kids

Zoo Miami Is Not Just For Kids

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Zoo Miami is a good choice for many reasons. It’s great for the kids because they get to see their favorite animals live and up close, but it’s also great for the adults accompanying them.

Hear us out!

Zoo Miami is about more than the exhibits. Sure, we go to see these amazing animals and share their space and see how they live, but the zoo offers and provides a lot more than that too.

The zoo partners with several organizations every single day to preserve and sustain the livelihood of animals everywhere. For instance, Zoo Miami is in partnership with the Monterray Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program that helps everyday people make better decisions about the seafood they purchase at restaurants and grocery stores.

The newly-opened Florida:Mission Everglades exhibit encourages people to take a more personal look at the animals found in our state like the Florida panther, American alligator, American crocodile and more. Through this exhibit alone, Zoo Miami hopes to facilitate a better understanding of the Florida Everglades and just how important it is to preserve it.

Visitors can feed and pet animals through the many interactive attractions, which is always fun and entertaining, but the opportunities to engage, like Zoo Miami’s outreach program with local schools and businesses, are what separate the zoo from other kid-friendly activities. We suggest you take a day and see for yourself. Learn something new.

At the very least, you’ll have some interesting conversation starters for the break room. We all know you can’t go another day casually throwing in Miami weather – however glorious it may be.

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Be awesome, Miami!

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