Cheap Valentine’s Day Dates in Miami

Cheap Valentine’s Day Dates in Miami

January 18, 2017673Views

Miami can be expensive, all right. That’s factual. And while living luxuriously can be quite nice, some of us can’t always afford to do that. Even on Valentine’s Day.

But don’t worry! We understand that the struggle is real, which is why we’ve compiled a list of fun and affordable date ideas so you can still enjoy yourself and enjoy the city we all love.

Besides, it’s totally the thought that counts anyway, right?

Have a picnic at Tropical Park*

Imagine you and your honey with a blanket, delicious food and maybe even a bottle of wine. You can eat tasty food while having a great conversation about the overwhelming pressure of Valentine’s Day and how you’re both fine as is: celebrating your love every day of the year. *Honestly, any park can realistically work here. Bonus points if you choose a park that has some type of significance to your relationship.

Partake in Happy Hour at a sports bar

Everything doesn’t have to be dazzling. Maybe you and your love enjoy dining out in jeans and sneakers, and you happen to love splitting a grand old plate of hot wings. Imagine your delight, your satisfaction and your enjoyment…also, imagine your super affordable tab by the end of the night.

Go see amazing art together

We know going to an art show seems expensive, but it actually isn’t! Imagine walking the pristine halls and discussing artwork with your boo. Maybe you match their passion; maybe you simply like the colors and have no idea what any of it means, and that’s okay! The point is that you’re exploring, learning and growing together!

Here are a few museums that cost little to nothing in Miami:

The Miami Dade College Museum & Galleries of Art + Design

The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum

The Wolfsonian-FIU Art Museum

*The Wolfsonian is free every Friday after 6pm.

Stay a night at the affordable Hotel Urbano at Brickell

Hotel Urbano is Brickell is one of the top Miami hotels, and if you and your loved one need a quick getaway, this is the place to be! Our property is not only located in the heart of Brickell and the best restaurants in the city, but a stay with us will also get you access to poolside cabanas, a relaxing, art-infused atmosphere and Happy Hour every week day.

And last but not least,

Obviously, go to the beach

Any one of them will work, but a trip during the day can be overcrowded and overwhelming. Go in the evening and watch the sunset. Listen to that playlist you created on Apple Music and sing songs to each other. Profess your love or maybe simply your “like” and enjoy each other’s company.

We hope our tips and tricks help you out this Valentine’s Day. Always remember that it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to have a great time!

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