See Miami From Up Above!

See Miami From Up Above!

Sure, you love Miami, and you know Miami, but have you ever seen Miami from above? No, we aren’t talking about a deep, philosophical perspective. We actually mean it quite literally. Have you ever witnessed the beauty of Miami from a bird’s eye view? If not, the time is now!

Miami Plane Tours is dedicated to showing people the beauty of South Florida. Whether you want to witness Miami Beach, Key Biscayne or even the Ft. Lauderdale skyline, this aviation company has something for you.

If you’re really feeing adventurous, you can even opt for their Ultimate Experience route, which takes you over places including Hollywood, Port Everglades, Key Biscayne, the Miami Seaquarium and more.

Rest assured that each ride is designed not only for your pleasure and enjoyment, but first and foremost for your safety. The flights are led by trained pilots with more than two decades of experience under their belts.

Now, we know what you’re probably thinking, but don’t even go there! Miami Plane Tours keep the average citizen in mind, so trips can run as low as $89! We’re talking about a private helicopter ride over historic South Florida landmarks for less than $100, people.

If you really want to go all out and make it a truly special occasion, you can also book a room at our luxurious and accommodating Royal Polo Miami Beach.

You can see beach from above, in all its dazzling glory and then walk a block from our property and see it up close.

Seems worth it to us…also seems like your next date night will be a little more interesting.

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