Click This Link…If You Dare

Click This Link…If You Dare

October 14, 2016450Views

Have you heard the story of the Griffin & Son’s Carnival Company?

Legend has it that a violent hurricane swept South Florida back in the 1920s, killing everything and everyone in its path. More than 1,000 bodies were left in the aftermath, including the company’s members. Legend has it that those ferocious winds tore the limbs straight off of performers’ bodies.

Everyone thought that was the end of the Griffin & Son’s Carnival Company…that is until the 2015 carnival season, a season that experienced its own spell of harsh weather. The rides began to mysteriously start…then stop. There was an eerie feeling in the atmosphere.

Present-day workers even found a sinkhole on the carnival grounds – a sinkhole that revealed the buried bodies of the slain members…only now, there were no bodies.

The original carnies escaped.

Don’t believe us? Visit the House of Horror Haunted Carnival and see for yourself. But don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Also check out exhibitions like the 1455 Asylum, Gates of Phobia, Hellzapoppin and Freak Emporium where you’ll step into a whole new realm of the bizarre and strange.

And not only will you get to explore those features, all while dodging the spirits of the original members, you’ll also get to enjoy classic carnival staples too. This means you can eat all the elephant ears and candy apples you want before hopping on the nearest rollercoaster.

Experience the thrill of the House of Horror Haunted Carnival and re-live history from now until October 31st.

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