Adele Is Coming!

Adele Is Coming!

September 25, 2016513Views1Comment

Yes, it’s true. It’s Adele. The same Adele whose voice gives us goose bumps and whose music touches our souls is coming to the city. She’ll be at the American Airlines Arena Wednesday, October 26th. Showtime is at 7:30pm.

In honor of this surely epic event, let us remind you of the ways in which Adele is so awesome.

She lets us in…

Lots of singers connect with their fans in a meaningful way, but it seems as if Adele reaches us on an entirely new level. With every album, she lets us in in a way that feels special. With 19, she talked about the process of navigating life away from home and dealing with your first heartbreak. In 21, she took us on another journey through the ups and down of relationships, life and love and gave us the iconic “Rolling in the Deep.” Now, years later with a newfound sense of growth and responsibility, Adele reflects on what she’s learned and where she is currently in 25. What makes Adele’s music so special is her ability to connect so intimately with her fans on an emotional level.

BUT don’t think her show is going to be full of sadness and “what ifs.” You guys, yes, Adele gets deep, but also…

She’s seriously so funny…

With all the heaviness that comes along with love and relationships, it’s important to have a healthy balance, which Adele seems to have no problem with! She’s often making jokes on stage and even calling the best fans up there with her! When she forgets the lyrics to her own songs, she owns up to it – even calling herself out and having a good hearty laugh about it! And even though she’s a megastar and has the talent to back it up, even she gets nervous at times to perform in front of her millions of fans. At her first arena performance, she admitted to the crowd how she struggled to calm herself and how she had some unfortunate accidents because of it. This just proves that Adele is any of us before any big life event…well, sans the mesmerizing voice and legion of fans.

And speaking of voice, Adele is the most awesome most obviously because of her voice.

Her sound…

Adele has earned countless awards thus far including 10 Grammys out of 13 nominations. 21 alone garnered her Album of the Year and Best Pop Vocal Album, and “Rolling in the Deep” brought in Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Best Short Form Music Video. Adele is even an Academy Award winner with 2013’s “Skyfall” earning her Best Original Song.

This woman is unstoppable.

So we have to ask, for those of you going to the concert, how ready are you really? I mean, maybe you have your outfit picked out and you’re casually playing her songs in preparation, but are you truly ready for what she’s about to unleash?

We’d suggest you get there. This show is sure to have you on an emotional rollercoaster of every feeling in existence.

It’s also one we’re sure you’ll never forget.

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