Today, a simple cup of brew just won’t do. Specialty coffee is quickly becoming the next craze, from organic eco-friendly beans, to small-batch roasting and a whole slew of fancy and unpronounceable brewing methods. Starbucks changed the game with its fancy lattes and complicated ordering lingo, but do they have house-roasted beans and fresh-drip coffee made-to-order? We didn’t think so. South Florida is quickly becoming the next name in the coffee game, so let’s take a look at some of the best coffee spots in Miami.

Undegrounds Coffeehaus – If you’re tired of corporate drip coffee and want to try a true artisan cup of java, try Undergrounds in Fort Lauderdale. This charming little coffee and tea shop is a delightful trove for the coffee, music, and art lover. The walls are lined with local art, and used books are stacked around the room, both for sale and enjoyment. A new selection of vegan cookies, snacks, cakes, pastries, and brownies are a highlight, but the coffee is what it’s all about.

Harold’s Coffee Lounge – Coffee snobs looking for an artsy joint and obscurely branded beans, this is your spot. This eclectic coffeehouse is the perfect setting for painting exhibits and photographer meetups, but it’s also on top of the latest coffee trends. Special-order a siphon brew that results in a beautifully mild cup of coffee, or be all made-to-order cool with a hand-poured java. You can also just keep it simple with an ordinary (but delicious) mug of espresso.

11th Street Annex – Tea is the focus at this charming lunch spot, but the coffee is not to be dismissed. Everything from the food to the drink is made fresh and done right. They only serve classic English scones with butter imported from Europe, the jams are all-fruit fresh, and the lemon curd and clotted cream are made in-house. The teas are all brewed with fresh tea leaves and steeped before being served with proper cups and saucers. The same goes for the coffee, which is brewed and ground in-house and made using the finest coffee beans.

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