32nd Annual Miami Book Fair International

32nd Annual Miami Book Fair International

There’s nothing quite like spending all day surrounded by your favorite books and their esteemed authors. The Miami Book Fair International features events, parties, and readings, many studded with stars of prose and poetry, and is one of the most notable literary festivals in the country. The Book Fair presents more than 350 international authors during its eight-day run. It’s not only the most widely anticipated literary event in the city, but also the foremost affair of its kind in the nation. Authors and readers from across the globe travel to Miami for this weeklong salute to all things books – not to mention the parties and other festivities that go along with it.

The first Miami Book Fair International, founded by Miami Dade College and Miami’s only independent bookstore, Books & Books, took place in 1984. Since then, it has been recognized as the nation’s finest literary festival. In 2001, the Fair became part of The Center for Writing and Literature at Miami Dade College, a cultural and academic initiative that promotes the advancement and appreciation of literature throughout the year.

Previous authors include President Barack Obama when he was a senator, Terri McMillan, Molly Ringwald, Judy Blume, and Eric Jerome Dickey.

Specialized booths and VIP sections will be hosted by sponsors, with some areas being invitation only. Standard tickets for these events start at $75, with exclusive events at $125. Tickets are available through the Miami Book Fair International office.

The festival runs November 15, 2015 through November 22, 2015.

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